The company’s core focus is client centered, with the aim to produce top quality audio which can then be utilized across various media platforms, including TV, radio, online and all multimedia.

These productions could include (but are not limited to) the following: Voice recordings, audio imaging, sound design or advert production.


About the Owner Producer


Nic Pretorius has been working in commercial radio for more than a decade, conceptualizing campaigns and producing award winning audio. 

Although most of his work is done behind the scenes, Nic can be heard from time making cameo appearances in radio adverts and promos,

Sought after in the industry, Nic has produced hundreds of specific radio pieces, promos and radio adverts for agencies, marketers, community radio and commercial radio across the country.


Why choose NP Productions?


With access to a wide network of professional local and international talent and audio assets, we can provide any audio solution to any promotion or marketing campaign. Sound to picture/ sound design / post / radio / online…. You name it, we do it. We’re fair, reliable, competitively priced and nice to work with!

Is your marketing strategy SOUND?

Choose us to boost your campaign to another level.